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It transcends barriers of religion, language and sex.

It can mend hearts, build bridges and improves your body.

Filled with joy, tragedies and absurdities, life is an easier journey with humor.

This is a collection of where I am laughing at life.

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Friday, March 8, 2013

Yippee-Ki-Ya! Horseback Riding in Wine Country

Apprehension had clouded my sleep the night before.

It had nothing to do with the lovely facilities of the Murphys Suites, where friendly staff, a comfortable bed and a cookie jar full of Oreos made me feel right at home.

Instead my restlessness came from the knowledge that despite years of living in different parts of the world - I was still at heart a city child. I am more at home scrambling aboard the M10 bus along Manhattan's West Side than climbing atop a horse.

And yet here I was turning up a dirt road in Vallecito, midway between Angel's Camp and Murphys, to go horseback riding.

Somehow years of joyfully screaming "giddy-yap" while astride a plodding pony in a circled ring at the Bronx Zoo paled immensely when I saw the size of the California horses being lead out of the sun dappled fields.

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