Laughter is contagious, and unlike a cold or the chicken pox, it is good to share.

It transcends barriers of religion, language and sex.

It can mend hearts, build bridges and improves your body.

Filled with joy, tragedies and absurdities, life is an easier journey with humor.

This is a collection of where I am laughing at life.

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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Error causes big laugh

A woman walked into a local bakery to order a graduation cake.

It was to proudly display her daughter's photo.

Before leaving, she asked that a cap, as in mortarboard, be drawn on the photo.

Obviously, from the photograph of the cake, the bakery employee needs to make contact with a Q-tip or two.

Best part of the story is that the mistake resulted in a massive amount of laughter - not a massive lawsuit.

Better memories all around.